My name is Robin.

I created the Heart Road blog to share my spiritual practice, in hopes that it will inspire others in their own. I am primarily a Kemetic poly-pantheist, but I also have had connections in the past with Hellenic and Norse deities and angels.  I have been a person who has lived through abuse and mental illnesses and neurodivergences that have shaped who I am.  I am also a pansexual and transgender person (nonbinary), and that is very important to me.

As a person of the world, I believe that the personal is political, and that politics are inherently intertwined with spirituality– thus why I state openly that I am antifascist and against all hate speech, oppression, and bigotry. With the rise of neo-nazi-ism in the U.S., Europe, and in our own pagan circles, it is important to speak out against the spread of this genocidal, toxic, and abhorrent ideology wherever it is found.

As a person of the astral realms, my history of past lives and origins is complicated, but suffice it to say that I have reason to believe I am connected in a very personal way to my two main deities: Set and Nephthys (Nebt-Het).

My main deity worship and relationships (at least of the moment) are with: Nephthys, Set, Loki, and occasionally Hekate. I have also worked with Archangel Michael and the angel Lucifer.  However, despite this eclectic lineup, I choose to call myself a Kemetic pagan because I feel that Kemeticism is my solid pagan home and grounding.  I have worked briefly with and made friends with many Kemetic deities (such as Ra, Osiris, Aset, Heru-Sa-Aset, Anubis, Bast, Sekhmet, Anat, and Djehuti) and I focus much of my practice on the concept of creating and upholding “ma’at.”