My name is Robin.  My gendered pronouns are “they” and “them.”

I created the Heart Road blog to share my spiritual practice, in hopes that it will inspire others in their own.

I am primarily a Kemetic poly/pantheist. I believe that the ideals I have (namely: social justice, cooperation, human rights, autonomy, creative freedom, and loving nurturing and empowerment of the divine wills of each and every soul in existence) are compatible with the Kemetic ideal of ma’at — a concept that embodies interpersonal and cosmic balance, justice, divine will, and harmony.

My primary connections to deities are through the Kemetic pantheon– that of the Ancient Egyptians.  My primary, “patron” deities are the Kemetic deities: Set (Seth, Sutekh), and Nebt-Het (Nephthys).  I consider them my spiritual “parents” of my energy and life, as well as parts of my multi-demensional existence, and lovers of my soul in numerous structures and forms that do not always translate well into a human context or frame of reference. I also have had connections in the past with Hellenic and Norse deities and Abrahamic (though primarily through a Christian and New Age-influenced lens) arc-angels.

My perspective is that of a white settler of English and German heritage on stolen Commanche land by the colonizer country the United States of America. Other identities that have shaped my perspective are that I am able-bodied, hearing, seeing, Autistic, a survivor of complex individual trauma and neurodivergent in other ways, Queer/bi/pansexual, nonbinary/transgender, college-educated, English-speaking as a first language, and grew up middle-class, although I have become poor since leaving my childhood home in a very fracturing and conclusive way. I am deemed fit to work a full-time and supportive job, without services, by the state in which I am living, although that in itself is a point of contention with me as I struggle to do exactly that.

As a person of the world, I believe that the personal is political, and that politics are inherently intertwined with spirituality– thus why I state openly that I am antifascist and against all hate speech, oppression, and bigotry. With the rise of neo-nazi-ism in the U.S., Europe, and in our own pagan circles, it is important to speak out against the spread of this genocidal, toxic, and abhorrent ideology wherever it is found.