Kemetic Holiday Calendar 2019

A few weeks ago, born of a desire to celebrate more than Wep Ronpet every year, I sat in a coffee shop and compiled information for six hours, and ended up with a 2019 version of my own Kemetic Holiday Calendar.

I made it with the intention of sharing it with the Kemetic Fandom and Spiritual Stuff Discord, so that, if people wanted, we could celebrate the holidays together!

Feel free to participate if it appeals to you as well!

What are you looking forward to celebrating this coming year? 


4 thoughts on “Kemetic Holiday Calendar 2019

  1. I am moderately against substituting the 1st of May, International Workers’ Day with any unrelated festival. May 1st was chosen to honour the dead in the Haymarket affair in Chicago, where many people died while demonstrating for an 8-hour working day. Maybe we can make it into a festival honouring our political akhu, those who fought before our time for the rights that we now enjoy. Maybe we can also make it into a festival to renew our committment to further the fight for workers’ rights (and against capitalism).


    1. Interesting. I had never heard of International Workers’ Day. I am only familiar with May Day as a springtime festival held on May 1st, dating at least back to the 18th century Europe. I had first heard of it in association with the German holiday, “Walpurgisnacht,” which takes place the night before.

      From the Wikipedia article on “May Day,” it appears that while both events — that of springtime and that of commemoration– are colloquially called “May Day,” the two are different events with different origins.

      The “May Day” I referred to in the calendar was definitely intended to mean the springtime festival– thus it’s replacement with a festival honoring Min, fertility, etc.

      However, if the associations you or anyone has with May 1st are more aligned to “International Workers’ Day,” you most certainly can honor that in whatever ways you feel are appropriate.


      1. I see. In any case, I took this opportunity to clear up the confusion. The Calendar now reads as follows:
        “May 1st: Min Day / Dick Day (modern substitution of May Day* NOTE: This is the German-influenced/springtime festival “May Day,” with maypoles and feasting and dancing, NOT to be confused with “International Worker’s Day,” which @Secondgenerationimmigrant informs me, is colloquially referred to by the same name. )


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