Progress Is Slow

Tumblr is wheezing its last final breath. In need of a platform, I figure that this WordPress or the Kemetic Fandom and Spiritual Stuff Discord is where I’ll end up, unless some other option presents itself.

So to spruce the place up, I finally figured out how to add a monthly archive widget to the sidebar. That will make navigation a lot easier for everyone.

As for content, I guess I’ll have to get organized and serious about what kind of things I’m going to write on here. The problem at the moment is that I’m not sure that I have a consistent internal map of who I am, my values, and what my goals are, much less a concrete plan for this blog.

Anyway, to fix that, I’m getting started in a new Dialetic Behavioral Therapy outpatient program through the hospital, so that will be five weeks of intense work on constructing a self, setting boundaries, learning what contributes to my own self-respect, and utilizing emotional regulation tools. Hopefully that will help give me some of the structure I desperately crave in my life. And some ability to cope better.

Bullet Journalling is helping with my Inattentive ADHD and general Executive Dysfunction, but only to a point.

I really need ADHD medication to be able to do this life thing in a broader sense and not have it all fall to crumbling ash every five or so days as I forget what I was working toward. So, I have a list of psychiatrists within my insurance network to contact once I get my phone fixed… which the repair shop should be contacting me about in a few days….

It’s just always one thing after another, and an endless stream of tasks and busywork to keep this body alive, but hey… At least I’m making progress.

And I do feel like I am.

I just also want to be able to hold long-term goals and plans in my head too, and work toward those…. And to even know what those should BE. Some kind of creative project, I guess, but it’s hard to keep all your wits about you to be creative when you’re constantly mired in trying to dig yourself out of a ditch.

Anyway, I’m trying.

Bear with me. And see you around.


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