Set Channeling 3/4/2018

Hello Everyone! I have something exciting for you today!

Below is an an exclusive link to my brief channeling of Set, for anyone who is a follower or devotee of Set!

I have channeled Set before, once on video and several times in written form. Overall, when I speak of “channeling,”  I mean it as an umbrella term to include what many tumblr pagans and kemetics call “godphone,” which I interpret as a form of natural, casual channeling while in a conscious state. Godphone usually requires me to interpret and translate telepathic and empathic feelings, images, or impressions that are sometimes complicated or vague.

The channeling in the video, however, is done in a more relaxed and purposeful state so that he could choose exact words to say.  You could say that, if godphone and trance-channeling (where you leave your body and allow another being to come in completely) were on either end of a spectrum– godphone being informal and unfocused, and trance channeling being formal and highly focused– the channeling in this video might be somewhere in the middle. I am still in my body and conscious, but I am also more focused and relaxed, so the message is clearer, and he is able to project exact words into my consciousness, and even control my body movements to some extent. [Don’t worry- this kind of channeling is completely consensual at all times.]

As you will see, he loves his followers very much and has such joy in inspiring them! Please forgive my confusion at the end of the video, because I had thought he would say more. XD

Of The Heart Road

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