My Tarot Journal

I absolutely LOVE the Ma’at Tarot. Love LOVE it. Want it. Etc.

Right now this is the only tarot app I have on my phone because it’s just SO PERFECT.

I used to do tarot journaling on my Instagram, but since I’ve shifted away from using Instagram as my major social media platform for the time being, I’ve needed a place to write down my tarot journals.

So, I created the Heart Road Tarot tumblr! Here is where I’ll be posting some of my better  tarot journal entries, my favorite spreads found on the internet, any passing insights or responses to others’ public readings, and maybe some of my own public readings.

This blog isn’t meant to be a functional store to purchase readings yet, but I hope by collecting my journal entries, I can direct future customers, or other interested parties, to a place they can get a taste of my reading style.

Otherwise, it’s feel free to enjoy it!

Tarot Journal: 9/29/2017

About My Astral Soul Makeup, Who I Am, and Why I’m Here.

“Set: 9 of Cups (a seed of hope and wishes and trust)
Nephthys: Princess of Swords (A sacrifice so another could live… Becoming the one who would live. A Steven Universe situation.)

Result: King of Pentacles. (Soul lineage. Soul formation. A resurrection? A remaking.)

The Core: The Lovers (Set and Nephthys. A union. A reunion. A twinning. A spiraling. An “I’m not leaving without you. I love you. Come with me and together we can go far… Journey with me. Share with me. Love each of us with me, and us both as one being. Dance with me and make a star shine of our brilliance.”)

Air: Ace if Cups (Ideas and feelings pouring forth.)
Fire: The Hermit (Looking for self-understanding)
Earth: Queen of Wands (spinning a tale, finding something I can use out of this raw form)
Water: 5 of Cups (trying to find out how to find beauty and potential in the situation instead of focusing on loss.)

The Past: Prince of Cups (An ambitious soul full of other-planar love and fire. A fresh soul. A curious, spirited traveller. Someone who knew they could get the job done. —- remembering Set saying “Oh, I like this one!” With a wicked grin.)

Present: 9 of Pentacles (A woman, Nephthys, keeps herself sequestered until the gestation of life is complete. She holds the Ba of the new life in her hand, in a calming blindfold, until it is ready to take flight.)

Set’s motivation for this series of events: The World + Prince of Wands (Remembering Set telling me not to die, saying “I need you to be in the World.” … Loving a child who is very very very precious to him. Watching them grow. To become someone amazing who would change possibilities.)

Nephthys’s motivation for this series of events: 10 of Cups + 8 of Wands (“I want a happy ending for all of us.. I want to live with my husband. I want us to live together in harmony with our fears behind us. I want a happy ending for us all. I want the world to see it and know what possibilities are out there waiting if you reach to grasp it without fear.”. “I want to change the story. I cannot erase the past but I can clear the old from my heart and fill it with the new and the wonderful and joyous.” – That thing she did with the records of her existences .. she’s changing she’s changing herself. Instead of the past, she is changing herself her records of who she is her energetic makeup , her future. Undoing old ties that keep her trapped and remaking them (((echoes in my head dear gods…))) She changes and changes and changes and is alive. Growth , moving forward. She listens to the beat of her heart and knows she is alive because blood pulses through her and it is the sound of changes for the better. Life is change life is change . She lives she changes. She changes she is alive. She is alive alive alive and isn’t it wonderful?!)

An Anchor: 8 of Cups. (moving on, moving forward.)

A Goal: 2 of Cups (a marriage. A union….

“And we are as one again.”. In bliss..)”


Tarot Journal: 10/2/2017

About My Decision About What’s Best For Me and What I Want

“Patient work is rewarded. Work at love. Exist in the balance of both realms– earthly and spiritual. And the rewards are everything you wish for and more.”



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