Heart Road Blog’s Companion Tumblr!

As you may, or may not, know The Heart Road blog has a companion tumblr!  Here’s a summary of some recent posts and community responses:

  1. I wrote a poem for Nebet-Het (Nephthys)!
  2. I liked Devo (The Twisted Rope)’s Set and Osiris bullet point summaries so much, I contributed my own.  (Set , Osiris)
  3. I wrote summaries of my experiences with the Netjeru! (Part One , Part Two)
  4. When crushing nihilism has you down, I wrote a reminder to keep faith and take care!
  5. I wrote some tips to connecting with spirits or gods you are dating! (NSFW halfway down, marked as such.)
  6. I wrote how I envision and experience the Netjer loving us unconditionally.
  7. ForceYourWay on tumblr said some nice things about my “Loving A God Who Loves Me” post! Thank you so much!

If you like what you see, feel free to follow me on Tumblr, and on WordPress, drop me a message, or share the love!

Thank you for reading!


of The Heart Road

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