The anxiety of starting a blog is apparently very great– or maybe it’s just that I always have anxiety, an over-developed sense of responsibility, and an unrealistic expectations of myself.

In either case– I thought for months and then weeks more about what my blog is going to be, how I was going to introduce it, what my first post was going to be, and how it was all going to develop over time and hurl me toward my magical ideal sense of achievement and success!

…. Well. Ah…. Success…

You see, I think focusing on the end goal of this blog and the things I want at the END of my life, and the journey, are getting in the way of me living it right now.

So– Hi. I’m Robin. This is my blog. I’ll be writing about Kemetic Paganism, Spiritual Practice, and my Love for my gods, myself, my friends, and humanity at large…

(On the days when I think that such a thing as “love for humanity” is possible. Customer Service does so wear on the faith in humanity, but I try to remember to center in love anyway– for my own sake if nothing else.  And I try to remember that love is an action ((Thank you, author/activist bell hooks!)), and that everyone is interconnected and inherently deserving of love, as a part of the All– so, this means that even if someone is not acting in love toward me, I can still act in love toward them, and this will help the world. ANYWAY…).

If you are interested in learning more about me, and get an idea of the future content of this blog, you can check out my “About” page!  If you have seen my Instagram and are interested in a Tarot Reading, the link to my store will go live soon, as it is a work in progress!  And if you want to send me questions– my contact information will also go up shortly!

In the meantime–

Welcome to The Heart Road– where I am yours, sincerely,


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